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Seti Stats Counter by Neil Munday


Hello and welcome to my little Seti Stats Counter site

I created this site for the many thousands of Seti crunchers around the world. The site basically retrieves your stats from Berkeley University to create a graphic similar to the one below:

My Seti Stats

Unlike some other similar services on the web, my service caches your results so that you never see anything like "unable to connect to Berkeley" or "server error". The site also uses a time delay system to reduce the demand on Berkeley's servers and my own.

The site also allows you to:

See the Gallery to view user's graphics.

You may also be interested in my Seti Graph pages which track the top 200 teams and charts their individual progress.

If you would like a SetiBoinc stats graphic, please visit my sister site - http://boinc.mundayweb.com

To sign-up and get your own stats graphic, go to the Register page.

If you have any comments/suggestions or questions, please e-mail [email protected]

Please use the form below to log-on

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20/02/07: Fixed login issues created as a result of PHP upgrade on the web server. Existings users should now be able to log in.

28/06/06: Since Seti Classic has ended, Berkeley have stopped providing the stats for the project. Therefore, new users are unable to sign up.

05/02/06: Support Availability - Please note that support will be unavailable from February 6th until the 13th.

02/01/06: Now that Seti Classic has ended, user's stats will no longer update from the Seti Classic site, as there is no need.

27/11/05: An error on my part caused user's team stats to go "missing". I have now fixed this. Graphics should all be correct by (if not before) 13:20 GMT.

27/11/05: Seti have moved the location of the team stats which caused my site to stop updating the team stats. As a result I have updated the site. Team stats should start to update now.

02/10/05: Support Availability - Please note that support will be unavailable from October 4th until October 7th and from October 10th until October 14th.

18/09/05: Support Availability - Please note that support will be unavailable from September 19th until September 23rd.

08/08/05: Support Availability - Please note that support will be unavailable from August 12th until August 23rd.

08/08/05: Team ranks are not updating at the moment. This is because the Berkeley team rank pages have not be updated for a while. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do.

27/05/05: Support Availability - Please note that support will be unavailable from May 30th until June 4th.

29/04/05: Real-time stats are being used (as normal). This seems to have fixed the bug mentioned below.

29/04/05: I believe there may be a serious bug in the system as many users stats seem to be using my stats! At present I do not know what is the cause. Please bear with me - hopefully when Berkeley is back up and running things will sort themselves out.

29/04/05: Berkeley seems to be having problems so I have forced all graphics to use cached stats until further notice.

18/04/05: I have created a Forum for users of my Seti Classic counters. The forum is on a trial basis. If it proves useful, then it will remain operational.

12/04/05: Fixed bug in registration script regarding calculating a user's position within a team when they have not provided a name. Thanks to Michael for pointing it out.

09/03/05: The site is now using Berkeley's stats again.

05/03/05: Berkeley is having problems again, so I have resorted to using the cached stats for the time being.

03/03/05: Site is now operating as normal as Berkeley's stats pages are working once more.

28/02/05: Further to my last post, Berkeley seems to be having really bad problems as user stats are not available or reported as users accounts being invalid. I have forced the site to use the cached stats for now. As a result your stats will not update for now and it also means that people cannot register. I will monitor the situation.

28/02/05: It appears Berkeley's web servers are having problems. As a result, a number of accounts have been marked as invalid. I have added code that should stop this from happening. Please let me know if you experience any difficulties.

13/02/05: Normal service has been resumed.

13/02/05: It has come to my attention that since 12/02/05, e-mails generated by my site (as well as others under the MundayWeb.com domain) are not being sent. I am currently taking up the matter with my web host and hope to have it resolved ASAP. Until that time users will not be able to register.

If you have already registered, but not received your registration e-mail, I will resend them once e-mail is restored.

Apologies for any inconvenience,

Neil Munday (12:45 13/02/05 GMT).

26/01/05: Amended parsing script to replace "&" with "&". Thanks to Oliver for pointing it out.

12/01/05: Updated the gallery page. A drop down box is now provided to select pages.

21/12/04: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all seti.mundayweb.com users!

04/12/04: Updated preview and stats scripts to handle URLs for background images that become dead

14/11/04: A mistake on my part meant that users could not change their colour scheme unless they supplied a background image. I have now fixed this bug and users can once again change their colour schemes. Thanks to Robert for pointing it out.

07/11/04: Background images must now be no greater than 400 by 400 pixels.

24/10/04: Fixed a bug in the registration script regarding users that have speech marks in their names. Thanks to Szydas for highlighting the error.

24/09/04: Position in team regular expression updated to fix bug with certain characters used in names. Thanks to Joel for highlighting the error.

28/07/04: Minor improvement to regular expressions.

09/07/04: Re-coded regular expressions from scratch. As a result, all extended characters will now be accepted in names and they also run much faster.

08/07/04: Various updates: Users can now choose to have a border on their images or not; the image now resizes to fit long names; and I have added various regular expression changes to allow for extended characters in names.

05/07/04: The case of image file extensions is now ignored for background images.

04/07/04: Users stats are now updated every 60 minutes instead of 10.

05/06/04: If the width of a user's graphic cannot accommodate their team name and rank, their image is now resized to allow this information to be displayed.

19/05/04: The graphics PHP script has been updated to allow a different variable passing mechanism to be used. This allows users to reference their graphic on the latest phpBB forums that may block PHP generated images. Click here for further info.

02/05/04: The Gallery has now been made public.

12/04/04: Fixed colour allocation bug with user's background images. The problem occurred when user's supplied TrueColour images. As of this update, users with background images for their graphic will be returned as TrueColor images. Supplying a palletted image will cause it to be converted to a TrueColour image and will therefore increase the time taken to load your graphic.

10/04/04: Users can now choose an optional background image for their graphic. It should be noted that the PHP imagecopyresized function is used to resize the supplied image and can increase the time taken to load your graphic.

27/03/04: Team stats are now updated every 12 hours instead of 24 hours.

17/03/04: Fixed MySQL error in registration script - sorry for any inconvenience. Also added option in users stats graphic URL to allow team information not to be displayed for those users who are members of teams, but do not want to display their team information.

14/03/04: Added user's position within team to graphics for those who are members of teams.

13/03/04: Added team name to graphics for those who are members of teams.

06/03/04: Added a new option in the user account section to allow users to choose whether they would like to receive e-mail updates or not.

01/03/04: Added the "gallery" section. This allows registerd users to view the graphics of all the users of the site. You must log-in first to access the page. *** Now public *** as of 02/05/04

01/03/04: Fixed a minor JS bug with the preview window.

28/02/04: Added combo box to allow users to choose common colours and graphic preview facility.

23/02/04: Added the ability for users to choose the colour scheme of their graphic.

22/02/04: PNG transparency with Internet Explorer has now been fixed.


Site created by Neil Munday, February 2004

Copyright © Neil Munday 2006